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  • We help you create your own career

    EnjoyTheWave – Network marketing with a wealth of opportunities:

    EnjoyTheWave only works with strong companies which guarantee you solid partnerships that you can lean on. As a partner of EnjoyTheWave, you get the opportunity to start your own one-man business with very little financial risk.

    Your energy, personality and drive are paramount to how successful you become, but our team is ready to guide you so you can take full advantage of your opportunities.

    Michael Neumann

    Michael specializes in International business and online sales.

    Language: Scandinavian, English and German.

    René Soegaard

    René specializes in Networking, leadership training and motivation.

    Language: Scandinavian, English and German.

    Ronny Bjoernestad

    Ronny specializes in organizational building and networking strategies.

    Language: Scandinavian and English.

    How you can get started on network marketing:

    EnjoyTheWave offers you a strong business concept in network marketing. Simply put, you get the opportunity for an extra source of income, new exciting contacts and the freedom to decide for yourself when, and how much, you want to work.


    1. Online meeting

    Book an online meeting with one of the partners at EnjoyTheWave.

    2. Confirmation

    You will receive a confirmation of your online meeting via email.


    3. Know your options

    Learn more about your options with one of the partners from EnjoyTheWave.

    4. Get started

    Take your first step into an exciting world with financial freedom.

    What is your plan in life – do you even have one at all?

    Most people navigate through life as the wind blows. Essential questions like “how much do you have to live off of when you retire?” and “when do you plan on retiring?” are something you need to keep in mind if you want to achieve financial freedom.

    The time between you retire and pass away is actually a far longer period than you probably expect. A time where you do not make money but must retain good health so you can live a long life, while at the same time maintaining a good economy.

    Get control of both your health and your finances

    At EnjoyTheWave we have a lifestyle concept with business partners within health, lifestyle and economy. 

    Think about whether you have enough money for the many years you will not make money. Is it realistic? EnjoyTheWave can help you maintain a better and more stable economy throughout your life.

    Our rule of thumb is that you should always have a minimum of three sources of income:

    1. A source of income from your job or even better – work full-time with us.
    2. A source that is not time-consuming. With us you can work as much or as little as you want.
    3. A source that comes from investment. We guide you in how money can work for you.

    EnjoyTheWave helps you take responsibility. With network marketing, you can take responsibility for your health and wellbeing while keeping track of your sources of income. We guide you through all the factors so you can enjoy good health, a healthy mindset and financial freedom.

    Book a free and no-obligation online meeting

    We expect this from you:

    • You have a lot of drive.
    • You have the will to create your own success.
    • You want to be your own boss.

    Get prepared to do business from day one.

    EnjoyTheWave has created an expansive business in affiliate and network marketing. Our team embraces a wide range of people and there is room for everyone. We simply do not embrace the stereotype in sales but rather focus on people with drive, ambition and the ability to dream big.

    Maybe you should be part of our team? Book a no-obligation online meeting and learn more about your options for an online career in network marketing. We are ready with support and sparring for your personal goals.

    Book a free and no-obligation online meeting

    Success and reward come from hard work

    We do not decide how much you work, but we reward you for what you do. We give you the opportunity to make a lot of money if you are willing to work hard and purposefully.

    Are you?

    If so, you can indeed achieve everything you dream of – and more.

    Are you ready to show the world your potential and are you ready to take your life and your income to a whole new level?

    Contact us today!